Why You Can’t Find A Good Man



Why You Can’t Find A Good Man!


Perfect Date!!!!!!

One of my friends had a really good date – she just had to write about it …
Peace and Blessings,We were strolling along and out of the corner of my eye I saw this beautiful dress. It was a yellow dress! I couldn’t believe it. A real, live, sexy, solid yellow dress! No flowers, no ugly shape! We went into the store and there it was. The dress I have been looking for since 2004. It was wub.gif at first sight…until I looked at the price tag. I told my date sadly, “lets go…I never buy things that expensive…its just too much.” sad.gif My date stopped me and looked into my eyes. “I said get whatever you want. I can tell you have been wanting this for a very long time. Here, take a size 6 and a size 4 and go try it on Beautiful.” So, I tried it on and OH MY GOD! ohmy.gif I absolutely had to have it. My date handed over the Mastercard and with one swipe it was mine. I am think I am in love with this person.Anyway, we finish eating and start talking. Conversation got deep real quick. We talked about something I struggled with last week, we talked about someone else I had my mind on, (believe it or not…we are honest with each other like that), and we even talked about my crazy *** family. I don’t like doing that but my date made me feel comfortable talking about them. We lost track of time and almost arrived late to the movie!

The movie was so good I didn’t flirt with my date while I was there. We laughed and almost cried. It was definitely worth seeing in the theaters.

So, after shopping, dinner, and a movie here we are. I tried the dress on with the shoes and jewelry because she asked me too. Yeah, my date was a woman. A sexy, chocolate woman. My date was me. Oh, you didn’t think some dude would take me on a date like that did you? huh.gif Silly rabbits. laugh.gif

I just had another lovely day by myself. I enjoyed it.


Yes, I went out on a date today. I was gone all day. Left my house at about 3:00pm and didn’t get home until 9:00pm. I came back early because my date treated me like a lady and did not want me out at all hours of the night. When I got home though, I invited my date in. *whispering: my date is still here while I type this* Anyhow, we went to the mall

and I had to grab some stuff for my Grandma. My date was very kind and patient with me. Didn’t complain at all. Then my date surprised me and told me to get whatever I wanted for myself before we went to the movies.

So, we dropped $100.00 on that dress. (this is a lot to me, I usually pay around $20.00 for a dress…$30.00 is pushing it!) My date kindly suggested we find jewelry and shoes to go with this beautiful yellow dress. Dropped about $40.00 on that. But my date was not finished yet. I figured after the jewelry and the shoes we would go and get the movie tickets and then sit down and have dinner

. Nope, my date said, “well Lillian, you said you needed some sweats for when you work out and pick your grandmother up in the morning…lets go get some.” See why I am in love yall? wub.gif
We picked up some sweats, a hoodie, and a little sports jacket for me, put the stuff in the car and then headed to the movies. We got the tickets for that movie 300 and then went to Johnny Rockets for dinner. I had a strawberry banana shake, which I sipped from in the most sexy way possible because I am flirtatious like that when I am on a date. I could tell my date was getting a little warm from the way I was drinking that shake. (you had to be there to understand) The jacket came off. We were looking into each other’s eyes. I swear…if I wasn’t celibate… winkiss.gif

What Happens When The Party Stops? =(

passed out

I’m curious…..What Happens When The Party Stops?


Abusive Relationship Leads to Murder-Suicide Next Door


STORY:   http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/dpp/news/top_stories/Two_Dead_in_DeKalb_County_Shooting_051509

May 15, 2009 around 1:30 AM, I’m awakened  by what sounds like numerous of car doors shutting and commotion that literally shakes the walls in my living room. Not knowing what was going on, I crept upstairs to open up my balcony door to hear cries as..”OH MY GOD..OH MY GOD”…”GET IN THE CAR!” coming directly from my NEXT DOOR neighbors home. Also saw two adults carrying 2 children speeding off into the night who eventually came back later. At this point I’m frightened and call the cops. I explain to the dispatcher what I’ve heard and even mentioned that maybe I’m over exaggerating. But to my discomfort, the dispatcher told me that I was not. There have been calls made in about gunshots on my street.

Now there are about 20 police cars, homicide agents, ambulances, media, and crime scene investigation vans out front in addition to the yellow police line tape laced all around my neighbors property and mine. Several hours later, a statement by the head detective is made to the media.

“Female victim found upstairs with gunshot wounds to back and legs. Dead upon arrival at the scene. 2nd victim is male with gunshot wounds, dead on scene. ”

This could not be happening? I just said hello to them not to long ago and they had their sons’ first  birthday party last Saturday with loads of friends and family? And now what happens to their 9 yr old daughter and son?

Unfortunately, there have been calls made to the house in the past due to screams and domestic violence. Please! If you are in an abusive relationship, DO NOT STAY. I know it sounds cliche, but now I’m an actual witness to what may happen if you do. I know everyone’s situation is different, but PLEASE…just don’t risk your life. We never know what’s actually going on behind closed doors. We need to be a bit more kind to each other because you NEVER know who is on the fence.   I❤ you and let’s take better care of ourselves.


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MJQ and The Archive Art Gallery


MJQ – 736 Ponce De Leon Ave Atlanta, GA 30306

The Archive Art Gallery-   583 Juniper Street  Atlanta, GA 30308

MJQ is a well known underground hip hop club that I’ve been going to for close to 8 years now. Two of my favorite DJ’s spin on Friday nights. DJ Rasta Root in the front room playing some of the best new and old school hip hop and DJ Cozy Shawn in the back playing the most soulful funk/house music you’ll get in Atlanta.

Now the great thing about summer time in Atlanta…”NOT SUMMER TIME IN THE LBC” MY CALI FRIENDS…LOL….is that you’ll start having “late night” parties springing up in the Atlanta area. A late night party is a “party”…(YAAAAH) that starts usually around 3:00 AM in different secret locations. I ran into a really nice late night on Friday at The Archive Gallery. Very spacious with a good crowd and a rockn DJ. This late night is open on Friday and Saturday nights only. All drinks are only $5…and I mean ALL drinks. Anything from Pabst Blue Ribbon to a shot of Patron..lol. JUST $5. Oh..and tell Lyndsey to make her specialty. You’ll love it. =)

So instead of saying “STAY THIRSTY MY FRIENDS” like the Dos Equis guy…

“STAY PARTYING MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!! ”   -Single In Atlanta


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Ikrush presents WetSundays at the W(May 17th)


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May 17th is next Pool Party!!!!!!!!

iKrush.com presents WETsundays Summer 2009 for all that dare to set the Sunday Pool Standard. On select weekends, enjoy live DJ Sets, VIP Cabana Service, Guest Hosts and Live Performances…just to get things started.Starting each select Sunday at 12:00 noon, iKrush.com guarantees to deliver an unparralled pool event in Atlanta.

Purchase advanced General Admission Tickets now, or an all inclusive WETaccess pass for every event occurring during that given month.

1. 2FOR1 tickets end Friday 4/24
2. WET100 Contest | Enter to WIN | Atlanta’s Sexiest 50 Women and 50 Men – FREE
Admission* – FREE Round trip Airfare/3 Day 2 Night Stay at any W Hotel in the continental US. *see site for details:  http://www.wetsundays.com/

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Single In Atlanta



danger1As we all know, Danger was let go because Ray J. and others thought she wasn’t mentally stable. Who would be normal staying in a house with 23 other women competing for one mans heart? Personally I LOVE Danger and can relate to her in the sense of being called “crazy”. Being a single woman here in Atlanta with no friends, no boyfriend (NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT THAT..LOL.), or family you unfortunately have  no one to talk to and learn how to handle issues on your own. Sometimes you may have a drunken melt down and start balling your tears out to some anonymous man and voice out committing suicide. Does that make you crazy? Or just drunk and reaching out? Who knows? Everyone has their vice. All I’m saying is stop being so hard on people. Maybe try learning something about them before throwing them into the “CRAZY” category. You would be surprise what you actually might learn about someone.


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